Forged in Wakefield700ml • £7.14 /100ml

Forged In Wakefield ‘Yorkshire Strength’ Gin 57% Abv 70cl

Forged in Wakefield700ml • £7.14 /100ml

Forged In Wakefield ‘Yorkshire Strength’ Gin 57% Abv 70cl


Forged In Wakefield ‘Yorkshire Strength’ Gin 57% Abv 70cl - Organic & Vegan

Finest Organic and Vegan Certified Small Batch Gins.

Our Yorkshire Strength packs a real punch at 57%, however don’t be put off, this gin is as smooth and drinkable as the rest of our range. The extra kick is mellowed out by our modification of the original botanicals from our original London dry.

The addition of elderflower blossom and lemon balm create a calming effect to tame the extra alcohol, and bright citrus notes from the additional orange peel lift the palate and balance out the overall flavour profile. The heightened botanical weight creates a luxurious and velvety mouthfeel you are sure to love.

Awarded silver medals at both the 2020 London Spirits Competition and the Gin Master’s Awards, a real testament to the quality of our Navy Strength Gin. Pair with a premium light tonic or enjoy as part of a dirty martini.

Organic – Vegan – Sugar Free.

All our Gin is Organically Certified by the Organic Food Federation. That means that our Alcohol is made from British Wheat that is farmed free of pesticides, our Botanicals also come from farms that do not use pesticides. It also means strict measures and controls are adhered to above and beyond what is required for normal production. The result - Quality.


All our Gin is Vegan Certified by the Vegetarian Society. That means we are accessible to a growing number of Vegan and Vegetarian customers who are passionate about their beliefs and stopping cruelty to animals.

What’s the difference?

Sugar, Colour and Flavour.


No sugar is added to any Forged in Wakefield Gin. Most of the mainstream brands add sugar to their Gin, some as much as 14 teaspoons in a 70cl bottle - 14 Spoons!


That's right, none in our Gin, no artificial colours are used. If Gin has colour it's from real fruit not chemicals.


Our flavoured Gin packs a flavoursome punch! When in a glass with a mixer you will experience a full flavoured Gin experience. Keeping true to our ethos, we do not use artificial falvours in our Gins.

This is what team Forged do!

They create amazing gin for you to drink regardless of the time and effort it takes, using only the finest organic and natural ingredients.

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