Garofalo Pasta500g • £0.52 /100g

Garofalo Linguine 500g

Garofalo Pasta500g • £0.52 /100g

Garofalo Linguine 500g


Garofalo Linguine 500g 

Originally from the Gulf of Genoa and created to accompany pesto, Linguine Garofalo enhances vegetable and fish-based condiments. 

It is a shape of Pasta di Gragnano PGI. Thanks to its flattened and slightly convex shape, together with the rough and porous bronze-drawn surface, it sticks to sauces and adds its genuine taste. 

Long pasta created to perfection following the classic Gragnano pasta making methods, with special attention to the porosity and resistance of Pasta Garofalo.

Discover our delicious shapes perfect for every type of sauce. 

Try serving linguine with pesto, adding a red note with cherry tomatoes.
The contrast of colours makes the dish livelier and more attractive to the eye and the palate.
The traditional Neapolitan recipe that is best enjoyed with this shape of long pasta is Linguine ai Frutti Di mare (with seafood).

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A Unique Pasta From Precise Choices.

We take nothing for granted when we process our pasta. Every stage, every process draws both on ancient experiences and recent discoveries, as well as on an original interpretation of taste. Our passion for our work translates into a ceaseless quest for perfection. To that end, we select raw materials of demonstrably superior quality, which we process using our own tailored procedures, and very particular preferences. In this section of the website, we describe our choices, which have made Pasta Garofalo unique since 1789.


Durum Wheat, Semolina.

Cooking time 11 minutes.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add salt if required. 

Keeping the water at a rolling boil add the amount of pasta needed. 

Stir with a wooden spoon to prevent the pasta sticking together and to avoid damaging the pasta. 

Cook for the recommended time, drain and serve.