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Kit & Kin Reusable Boosters x3 Pack

Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin Reusable Boosters x3 Pack


Kit & Kin Reusable Boosters x3 Pack

Plant-based boosters naturally Dry, Sustainable | Super absorbent | Hypoallergenic.

How do I use your boosters? 

Boosters are a great way of adding extra absorbency to the nappy if required during the day or at night. Place them inside the nappy on top of the absorbent lining. 

Our boosters are super slim, yet super thirsty, so you can even fold them or add two at a time. 

If your baby is a boy, use them to add extra absorbency to the front of the nappy, for girls add them closer to the middle. 

During the night, using boosters is particularly important as they offer the absorbency required for this prolonged period of use. 

If your baby drinks a lot before bedtime, we even recommend using two boosters. 

Made from 100% plant-based fabrics, our super soft boosters are highly absorbent and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. 

Use with our reusable cloth nappy for increased absorbency, ideal for heavy wetters. 

3 boosters per Pack.

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Our super soft, hypoallergenic boosters are made entirely from natural fabrics. Hemp and Tencel, a material derived from sustainable tree pulp, are extra gentle on baby?s delicate skin and offer up to 50% more absorption than cotton.

Better for our world: Made from 100% sustainably sourced plant-based materials, our boosters are kind to the planet and help protect the future resources of your babys world. 

Giving back: Every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation. Thanks to your support we help protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare. Together, we can make a real difference.

Care Instructions

We recommend machine washing at 40 degrees with a non-bio powder as this will protect the longevity of the booster and prevent shrinkage. However, you can also wash at 60 if you wish - for example if your baby has been unwell. Always ensure you set the machine to a long cycle.

Avoid washing with dark colours. Wash before use and between uses. Do not iron or bleach. Fabric softener or conditioner can reduce the absorbency of the booster so do not use these. We recommend always air drying with the inner towel pulled out, but if you wish to tumble dry your boosters ensure this is done on a cool setting only.