Pestroy Flea & Tick Spot On Cat


Pestroy Flea & Tick Spot On Cat


Pestroy Flea & Tick Spot On Cat

  • Flea provides up to 4 weeks of protection Pestroy should be used as part of an effective flea control program. To ensure continuous protection is maintained. To ensure any infestation is brought under control treat your cats, carpets, soh furnishings, and your cat’s bedding, with a suitable home flea treatment.

  • Features:

- For  cats and Kittens

- Is an insect repellent

- To repel both fleas and ticks

- Apply directly onto the skin

- Clinically proven

- Packed in a blister pack

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Margosa extract 3% w/w, ethyl butyl acetylamino propionate 9.8% w/w


Store in a cool and dry space.